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Wars of the Roses

A 6-part series by Chris Green

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The Disputed Crown

The prelude to the Wars of the Roses. Hear how the mighty House of Plantagenet breaks into two rival factions and the claims that each side had to the throne. It makes the average family dispute look pretty tame! Who would you have supported if you were there?

A Family At War

With battle lines drawn the two sides converge on St. Albans and there in the streets of this cathedral city the Wars of the Roses begins. The Yorkist army finds a champion in Warwick ("The Kingmaker") whilst the Lancastrians realise that their king is no warrior....but his wife most certainly is and she takes charge. And then at Wakefield, disaster strikes the House of York…

York Triumphant

Edward of York is victorious in the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil. Nearly 30,000 Englishmen lie dead on a field in Yorkshire. Meanwhile at Tewkesbury, The Prince of Wales is killed and King Henry is captured & murdered. Edward is proclaimed King Edward IV but will he survive when Warwick changes sides.

The Princes In The Tower

Upon Edward IV's death his teenage son is proclaimed King but his uncle, Richard of Gloucester, has other plans. He places both the new king and his younger brother in the Tower of London for their safety. They are never seen again… And so begins one of the greatest mysteries in English royal history and the story of the villainous Richard III begins.

The Last Medieval King

Uncle Richard decides to become King but the House of Lancaster is once more on the march led by a Welshman - Henry Tudor. They meet at the Battle of Bosworth Field on the 22nd August 1485. Both rivals know that it is winner takes all. They face each other but what will Lord Stanley do? Richard leads a heroic charge against the usurper…and there in a in a boggy marsh Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet kings is killed.

The Dawn of The Tudors

After his victory at Bosworth Field, the Lancastrian leader, Henry Tudor is crowned king Henry VII. It's the start of one of the most famous and influential Royal dynasties in English history. His son becomes Henry VIII, his grand daughter is Elizabeth I. The Tudors have arrived on the English throne! Henry goes about uniting the houses of York & Lancaster but he is faced with a major challenge and the Wars of The Roses has one last battle in store.