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Demystifying DNA

For the resource linked to Dr Penny Walters' talk, click here

How to Relax and practice Sleep Hygiene

Presentation Handout

Information about essential oils

How to form Community Interest Groups

Download the presentation

Re-engaging the Muscles of Meeting New People and Making Friends

Get Back Out There

Mindfulness with Claire

Claire's Website

Mindfulness Retreat- September 2022

Easy Way to Play Piano

Information booklet to download containing useful tips from Declan on how to learn piano and affordable keyboard options. - Download here

For more information and to sign-up to Dec's Piano Made Easy course, click

Belly Dancing Workshop - Shelley Lozano

Belly Dancing NEW Routine 1 handout (June 2022) - click here

Belly Dancing Routine 1 handout - click here

Belly Dancing Routine with veils handout - click here

Belly Dancing Routine (March) handout - click here

Belly Dancing Routine for 'Kiss Kiss' handout - click here

'Climate and Ecological Crisis. What's all the fuss about' - Talk from David Ramsden MBE

Action Points – Personal and Government handout - click here

Sources of Useful Information handout - click here

Tech Workshops

Useful websites part 1 - click here

Useful Windows software - click here

Useful websites part 2 - click here

Text to Speech - click here

Useful Websites Sept 2022 part 1 - click here

Tech Cafe Sept 2022 Links - click here

Tech Cafe Oct 2022 Links - click here