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Parsley Box has teamed up with us at Mirthy as we share a mission - to create stimulating products and content that are delivered in a convenient and accessible way to promote, support and celebrate independent living and wellbeing. Mirthy provides content that is engaging, entertaining and educational, while Parsley Box supplies delicious and innovative ready meals made with high quality ingredients.

After a busy day, or when you simply don’t feel like cooking, Parsley Box meals can bring joy to mealtimes. You can have a delicious meal on the table in minutes. And because most of the meals are cupboard-stored, you don’t need to plan ahead – with Parsley Box you can enjoy your day, knowing you’ll have a tasty dinner ready whenever you are. So, why not settle down with one of Mirthy's events and a delicious meal to enjoy alongside it?

Use the code MIRTHY at the checkout for 5% off a minimum spend of £35 and free delivery.

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