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So happy friends can visit,

so glad that they may dine

No more sitting out in rain,

relax indoors to quaff the wine

We don’t have to meet up on a bench,

in cold and gloomy weather

Wearing bulky anoraks,

seems like winters last forever

They can sit upon my easy chair,

or sprawl on my settee

But just a minute, oh my God,

a thought’s just come to me

I’ll have to vac the carpet,

brush spider web from wall

Clean the glass in windows,

maybe not so good at all

Spay all the units,

then mop the kitchen floor

Polish up the furniture,

I know there will be more

Bleach all facilities,

then buff up the brass

Never enjoy doing housework,

I’ve always thought it crass

When finished I’ll be shattered,

‘twill be a sorry shock

Cos’ I’ve fallen asleep and missed them……

as I didn’t hear them knock.

By Glenys Halliday