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In this member spotlight, we have the privilege of sharing the remarkable journey of Marion, a vibrant 100-year-old Rest Less Events member. Marion's life is a testament to the power of lifelong learning, connection, and personal growth. From her introduction to Rest Less to her reflections on family, languages, and the value of an open mind, this interview provides a unique insight into a life well-lived.

How did you come across Rest Less, and what are your favourite events?

Marion's journey with Rest Less began with an introduction through Parsley Box. Her curiosity and previous experience led her to discover our weekly Tai Chi classes, a form of exercise she believed to be the perfect fit for her age. Marion reflects, "I developed an interest in practicing Tai Chi because I had prior experience with it, and, given my age, I believed it was the most suitable form of exercise for me to continue. As a result, I began my journey with Tai Chi." Marion continues to be a regular member of the weekly Tai Chi classes with J.T. Turner every Thursday at 2:30pm GMT.

Marion's engagement with Rest Less extends beyond Tai Chi. She finds herself attending various events and what stands out to her the most is the opportunity to connect with tutors and fellow participants. Marion shares, "I've also had the opportunity to attend a couple of your events, and they've been exceptionally good. What I particularly appreciate about them is the opportunity to interact with the tutors and feeling interconnected with fellow participants."

How would you describe your lifestyle and interests?

Marion's active lifestyle knows no bounds. She has been deeply involved in language courses but has also explored various other interests and hobbies. Marion's enthusiasm also lead her to attend a short story session, recognizing the time-consuming nature of reading entire books. Marion notes, "I've been involved in various language courses as well as pursuing my passion for drawing and painting. I did also attend a short story session, which I found to be a worthwhile experience, especially because reading entire books can be quite time-consuming. These events align well with my main interests."

Despite mobility limitations, Marion still has a strong appetite for learning and engaging with others. She engages with recipes and lifestyle tips, ensuring that she remains an active part of the Rest Less community. Marion adds, "My lifestyle now is fairly limited, because although I'm able to do quite a lot in my home, I'm not mobile and I have given up my car. It's not that easy for me to go from place to place. Certainly holidays are up now. So, you know, I'm limited in my means, but I read quite a lot of what you send out and I follow some of the hints and certainly recipes and things like that."

What do you think of the service that Rest Less Events provides?

Marion passionately states, "I'm impressed with the variety of offerings. I may join more courses in the winter. I enjoy art, drawing, painting, and scientific topics. It's important to keep an open mind, no matter your age, to keep your brain active." Marion appreciates the prompt and supportive responses from Rest Less, emphasizing the importance of respect and genuine care saying, "I'm impressed with the quick responses when I reach out."

Marion's story is an inspiring testament to the value of staying curious, staying connected, and staying engaged. It's a life enriched by the unwavering pursuit of knowledge and the supportive community at Rest Less Events.