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After the success of our first online Festival of Belonging last year, we are thrilled to once again be working with the Marmalade Trust for our second Festival of Belonging this June in support of Loneliness Awareness Week - 13th - 17th June 2022. We will be holding events, workshops, coffee mornings and talks throughout the week and you can each event listed below with further details and links to more information. All events are free to attend - we simply ask that you make a donation to the fantastic Bristol-based charity, Marmalade Trust, the organisation that runs Loneliness Awareness Week, through this link.

Laughter Yoga with Sylvia for F O B


Laughter Yoga

With Sylvia Tillman

'mirth' means joy and laughter - let's turn that into action by laughing like nobody is watching – just for the pure joy of it and to boost your mood, health and resilience.

Join certified Laughter Yoga Leader Sylvia for this unique session, combining laughter with breathing and stretching exercises – this will most certainly give your Monday morning a boost.

Sylvia will facilitate the exercises. When we laugh, we release feel-good hormones that uplift our mood, help to combat stress and even relieve pain.

This is an extra special session kicking off our Festival of Belonging 2022!

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nature photography fob


Photography of Natural Subjects

with John Humphrey

A talk about the photography of natural subjects, such as flowers and insects. John will present techniques for producing images that are personal, different, and distinctive. He will illustrate with a range of his photographs and will show the use of photography software to produce artistic results. John will consider the ways in which immersive photography brings you closer to the natural world and finds beauty in subjects which might otherwise be ignored.

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still life banner


Drawing Workshop: Still Life Set-Up

with Caitlin Heslop

Join Caitlin of Barely Drawing for an hour long drawing class focusing on a still life theme . Caitlin will help participants to explore composition to capture their subject matter. The class is suitable for all abilities - and Caitlin will include warm up exercises to help everyone relax into the class!

Materials needed:

Still life set up e.g. A fruit bowl or collection of glasses + vases





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Mirthy fob banner


'Who is Murphy?' - This is Mirthy!

With Community and Events Manager, Abbie and others from the Mirthy community!

Welcome to Mirthy! Or as all audio transcriptions services type, 'Murphy'! Whether you've been with us for 2 years or 2 hours, we'd love to tell you a bit more about how Mirthy was born, where we've got to, and where we're headed. This is an opportunity to hear about what 'belonging' in the Mirthy community looks like.

At this event, Abbie, Events and Community Manager, will interview Alex and Dhruv, co-founders of Mirthy, along with some of our wonderful hosts, community ambassadors, and community members. We'd also love to answer your questions and hear your suggestions of what's working well and what you'd like to see more of. Please submit questions and suggestions at this form. We're so excited to bring the community together at this event!

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desert island discs fob banner.png


Desert Island Discs (Belonging)

With Community and Events Manager, Abbie

Just like BBC Radio 4's famous radio programme, join us at this event to share music, memories and have a little party along the way. 

Each session will focus on a different theme or music genre and members will be asked to come with a song in mind. One at a time we will play individuals' song choices and hear why you chose that song. It's a wonderful way to get to know fellow Mirthy members a little more.

The theme for June will be 'Belonging'

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Re-engaging the Muscles of Meeting New People and Making Friends


Re-engaging the Muscles of Meeting New People and Making Friends

With Cynthia Spillman

Post-pandemic, many of us of all ages are re-discovering our muscles for socialising. Have you found that after multiple lockdowns and periods of isolation, there are some aspects of starting conversations, meeting new people or forming new friendships you find a little bit more challenging than you did before? If you think of socialising as a physical activity that engages many different conversational muscles, then we can recognise that it's only natural that those muscles weaken when they're not regularly used. Add to that the upheavals of retiring, having an "empty nest", marriage breakdowns or bereavements, or long-distance moves to be closer to children or grandchildren, making new friends and rediscovering or finding new communities can understandably be quite a challenge.

Whether you're looking to form new friendships, companionships, or fall in love, Cynthia will outline how you can quickly form connections with others, with plenty of interaction and activities to work those muscles! As part of our Festival of Belonging, this event is designed to bring the community together and help foster a strong sense of community. We look forward to seeing you there!

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coffee morning for fob


Launching Community Interest Groups

With Community and Events Manager, Abbie

Join us for a large community coffee morning, exploring the wide variety of interests within the Mirthy community! Want to meet some fellow history buffs? Or keen photographers? Or painters, or bakers, or candlestick makers?! Come along to find your like-minded souls!

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Tech Workshop


Banking and Shopping Online

With Chief Technology Officer at Mirthy, Chris

These technology workshops with Chris are designed to empower attendees to feel confident using technology and feel more comfortable online. To see materials from previous sessions, click here to access the Downloads Page.

This week, we will look at traditional banking apps and services and the new online only providers. A look at some of the more popular shopping apps, plus security and safety tips for keeping you and your devices safe whilst banking or shopping online. These skills will be applicable to using Phone, Tablet and Desktop/Laptop.

As part of the Festival of Belonging, we hope if you are joining us for the first time you find the session helpful. If you are interested in joining more, click here.

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How To Better Your Relationship With You

With Chris Browne

In life we have many encounters and some lead to great fulfilling relationships. But did you know, one of the most important long-term relationships you could have is the relationship you have with yourself?

∙ Learn to have a better, profitable relationship with you

∙ Discover who you truly are

∙ Take control of lonely feelings

∙ Gain from tips that will enhance your confidence.

Join Coach Chris Browne for an enjoyable, thought provoking, discovery journey to knowing you.

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Singing Workshop

With Bronwen from Sun Jester

Led by Bronwen of Sun Jester, this is a singalong workshop, aimed at getting you smiling. After a vocal warm-up, we will feature familiar songs to sing along to. Bronwen will teach some simple harmonies for those who wish to learn them. If you feel shy, fear not - you will be muted so no-one else will hear you!

Now recognised as having numerous health benefits, singing can relieve stress, help improve lung function, enhance your mood and, as a shared experience, develop a sense of connection with others. Join us for a fun afternoon!

Song list:

One Love - Bob Marley

My Blue Heaven - Walter Donaldson

With A Little Help From My Friends - The Beatles

Down In The River - Traditional

A World Of Our Own - The Seekers

(if time) Sentimental Journey - Doris Day 

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fob quiz



With Chris Green and Shelley Lozano

As part of our Festival of Belonging celebrations, we're having a BIG PUB QUIZ! Hosted by Mirthy hosts Chris Green and Shelley Lozano, this will be a fun chance to test your knowledge while having a merry time on Zoom. Everyone is invited so do bring your family, friends, neighbours, and pets along for a fun afternoon!

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seated tai chi fob


Seated Tai Chi

With J.T. Turner

Tai Chi is a mindful movement system from China. It has been used around the world for thousands of years to help reduce stress, prevent falls, and improve focus, balance, circulation, & mobility. This session will focus on simple, seated Tai Chi exercises.

We recommend that you sit in a comfortable chair and wear comfortable clothing. 

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we can age better(1350 × 650px) (3).png


We Can Age Better

With Maggie Pigott

We all want to age well. But can we, as individuals, increase our chances of a good later life? Maggy Pigott, will be discussing how we can achieve this, based on her personal experience and what she discovered whilst researching her successful book ‘How to Age Joyfully: Eight Steps to a Happier, Fuller Life.’

Maggy will explain the ‘what, why and how’ of living better for longer, and share some practical tips.

And, as highlighted in this Festival of Belonging, you will discover that connecting with others is one of the most critical ingredients for a life well lived.

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