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  • Mirthy's 2022: A Year of Achievements, Growth and Partnerships

    As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the achievements and milestones we've reached at Mirthy in 2022. It's been a busy and rewarding year for us and we're grateful for the support of our members and partners.

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  • Poetry Challenge: Remembrance Day

    Read all the community submissions from our Poetry Challenge in October 2022 about Remembrance Day for the Mirthy Explorer.

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  • Poetry Challenge: Bonfire Night

    In October 2022, Head of Community Engagement, Mahalia set a challenge to the community to write poetry about bonfire night for the Mirthy Explorer.

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  • Member Spotlight: Ann

    In this article, Abbie (Community and Events Manager) speaks to Ann about the role Mirthy has played in her life since becoming a member.

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  • An Interview With Mirthy Fitness Host, Helen Tudge

    An interview with Helen Tudge, a Mirthy Fitness host who leads four Pilates-based classes a week on the events programme.

  • Ready, set, launch: The first year of Mirthy Book Club

    The Mirthy Book Club has been running since April 2021. For anyone who has joined us from the start, or for any new members wondering what it’s all about, let’s look back at some of the highlights from this year.

  • Member Spotlight: Jane

    In this interview with Community and Events Manager, Abbie, one of Mirthy's super users, Jane gives us some insight into her retirement, and how Mirthy came into her life...

  • This Time Last Year

    With a new year comes a time to reflect on the progress of the year just past, the accomplishments we have made, and the growth of our wonderful community.

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  • Storytelling Café: Breaking News From the North Pole

    A story that was enjoyed by the December Storytelling Café. Told by Sandy Leong, adapted from a story that is in the public domain.

  • Life in Lockdown: Beauty On Our Doorstep

    “You must all stay at home!” I don’t think any of us will ever forget the night of Boris’s historic announcement - 23rd March 2020 - that triggered the first Covid lockdown. Read Sue's account of how she managed to stay positive during lockdown, and the beauty she found in her local area.

  • Member Spotlight: Anna

    Community and Events Manager, Abbie spoke to Mirthy member, Anna to talk retirement, life during the pandemic, and what she thinks about Mirthy...

  • Member Spotlight: Martin

    The second in our series of member interviews with community and events manager, Abbie. Find out what Martin had to say about Mirthy...

  • Member Spotlight: Debbie

    As part of our customer development programme, our community and events manager, Abbie, conducted some interviews with some of our members. First up is Debbie...

  • Public Speaker Announcement: Expect the Unexpected

    In this article, Mirthy member Tony Griffith draws on his public speaking experience and cautions fellow speakers to expect the unexpected.

  • From Cop to Coppicer

    In this article, community member James Ellson describes his transition from police work to smallholder and now writer. Click here to learn more.

  • Why I Became a Speaker

    In this community article, Brenda Cameron explains how she began public speaking, having overcome a chronic illness known as ME. Click here to learn more.

  • Origin of a Stage Name: How We Became Bob and Dot

    Graham Towse and Bronwen Harrison, as partners in Sun Jester since the mid-1990’s, offer education sessions & music and arts performances.

  • The Precedence of the Unprecedented

    This year has truly been a period of history in the making. An incredible amount of change in one year. A year of uprooting, unsettlement and upheaval.

  • Retired? Who’s Retired?

    In this article, Neil Sadler, formerly an Inspector in the Sussex Police, recounts how he first got started with public speaking. Click here for more.

  • Storytelling

    In this article, Mirthy member and public speaker Simon Waterfield shows how stories exist all around us, just waiting to be told. Click here for more.

  • Public Speaking: A Life on the Road

    Here's a "month in the life" article by Kath Reynolds, a public speaker who delivers between 8-10 talks every week! Click here to read more.

  • Activities for a Winter Lockdown

    Here are some activities to boost spirits and keep going in these incredibly tough times.

  • Introducing the Queen Victoria's Consort

    Queen Victoria's Consort is made up of some of the country’s leading early brass musicians and directed by Andy Kershaw.

  • The Christmas Truce

    We are all familiar with the popularised image of the 1914 ‘Christmas Truce’: the sight of soldiers on both sides spontaneously rising from their trenches and fraternising in no man’s land. Click here to learn more about this wartime story.

  • Lockdown Reading

    A positive aspect of lockdown has been the increased time available for reading. Check out the following book recommendations by Sally Jenkins.

  • Ascension Island

    This article was written by Baz Hamblin, a navigator for the RAF for 25 years who then found himself running a training company for airline pilots for 25 years after doing a favour for a friend.

  • It's in the Blood!

    I suppose you could say the theatre is in my blood...

  • Comfortless Cove Fever Station

    With the coronavirus putting countries around the world in lockdown, can the fever station at Comfortless Cove, Ascension Island, where sailors in the 19th century were forced to quarantine, offer us lessons on how to fight back?

  • My First Hundred Talks

    Successful speaking is about more than what you say. It’s about engaging with your audience, says public speaker, Mike Brook.

  • March Winds Doth Blow

    'Who could have guessed how much the Coronavirus situation would have turned our lives around?', asks Mirthy community member, Kath Reynolds.

  • Solitude - A Short Essay

    I walk slowly through the park. A feeling of ineffable sadness overwhelms me. The feeling of grief gets stronger and I am close to tears...

  • 'The Strangest of Christmases' - SHORTLIST

    Introducing entries for the Mirthy community Christmas competition!

  • 'The Strangest of Christmases' - WINNERS

    Here we have the winners of the Mirthy community Christmas competition!